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The global fashion brand United Colors of Benetton belongs among the classic fashion producers with a long-time tradition. It was 1965 and four Benetton siblings decided to start a brand that would produce their famous knitwear to this day. It is an easy guess what gives United Colors of Benetton the biggest device and makes it recognized among others. Yes, Benetton’s colors. Designers of Benetton company always use contrasting colors in simple designs, which makes the clothes so easy-to-wear and timeless. Through their long history, Benetton has successfully introduced their other fashion lines such as Undercolors of Benetton (presenting underwear) and Sisley (more luxurious fashion) and although the clothes has always been in the center of Benetton brand, the portfolio of the company includes equally successful fashion accessories.

Eyeglasses United Colors of Benetton reflect a perfect picture of what we can see in fashion lines of Benetton clothes. Benetton eyewear is about colors, contrasts and simple shapes and lines without being over-decorated. Eyeglasses Benetton will surprise you with perfect and high quality handcrafted cellulose acetate, flawless and clear lines based on “less is more” principle. You will enjoy Benetton eyeglasses; their perfect bold colors will bring joy and energy in your everyday life and surprise you with their high quality.

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